NASRDA Centre for Basic Space Science...


Sections and Divisions in NASRDA-CBSS

NASRDA-CBSS comprises two major Sections: Science Section and Non-Scientific Section. The Science
is sub-divided into four (4) major Divisions while the Non-Scientific Section is sub-divided into three
(3) as follows:


Non-Scientific Section

1. Administrative and FinanceDivision

2. Bugdet and Planning Division

3. Accounting Division


Scientific Section

1. Radio Astronomy Division

2. Optical Astronomy Division

3. Information Technology (IT) Division

4. Instrumentation Division


Heads of Divisions

1. Prof. F. E. Opara >> Executive Director, NASRDA-CBSS

2. Chief Ali Ajuh >> Deputy Director (Finance)

3. Chief. S. E. Ogobor >> Deputy Director (Admin)

4. V.O.N. Anukwu (Miss) >> Head, Admin. Division

5. Dr. B. I. Okere >> Head, Radio Astronomy Division

6. Mr. G. Obasuyi >> Head, Bugdet and Planning Division

7. Mr. Baba Adama >> Head, Accounts Division

8. Dr. C. N. Ofodum >> Head, Optical Astronomy Division

9. Mr. E. Omowa >> Head, IT Division

10. Mr. L. Daniyan >> Head, Instrumentation Division